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Sennheiser Earbuds

Sorted my young sons hearing and were the only place that could. Tasso is so lovely and explains everything.

Megan Smith

Can’t recommend Tasso highly enough. Unreal feeling getting that much wax removed. Will be back in.


Excellent service in a friendly and professional atmosphere. 

Micheala Ferguson
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Fantastic service

Fantastic service. Tasso is very patient, reassuring and professional. Would definitely recommend

Una Doyle

ear wax removal kits


Tasso fitted me in at such short notice , himself and the 2 ladies are so friendly ,chatty and instantly made me feel at ease , amazing service and would definitely recommend blueberry hearing to anyone for a quick, pleasant and pain free session 😊 I will 100% be back and will be telling everyone to go here, thanks guys I can hear again

Shauneen Grant

hearing aid shop testimonial

Lynn Gray

High quality technology with a knowledgeable, professional and dedicated customer service…it has made a world of difference! Thank-you so much for all your help with my dad!
Lynn Gray


Welcome to the Hearing Aid Store a business founded by Audiologists ensuring you get the perfect product for your condition. We go above and beyond to help our clients and have many years experience in this sector as directors within some of the largest hearing aid fitting companies in the UK and as clinic owners and operators. We are a family based business and will treat you and your loved ones to the best possible levels of service and will provide fantastic hearing aids and hearing aid accessories – NOT JUST focused on profitability but on patient needs and requirements.
We can perform testing for hearing aids online or remotely and are more than happy to take a call to help.

Local hearing aid stores

Our clinics run by audiologists. Our clinics play a crucial role in helping local communities throughout the UK. Our audiologists provide only the highest quality equipment and hearing aids and offer online and in person testing facilities. We help people with hearing loss and provide them with effective hearing aid solutions and hearing aids accessories. Our specialist stores offer a wide range of services and clinics that are essential for effective healthcare. There are several main reasons why our audiologist run local hearing aid stores are so important:

Highly qualified hearing aid experts:

Our audiologists are highly trained professionals some of which have studied at Oxford including Tasso and all have extensive knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and treating hearing-related conditions. Our audiologists hold advanced degrees in audiology and are licensed to practice in the UK and Ireland. Their qualifications and training enable them to accurately assess hearing issues and hearing loss. They, therefore, are best placed to recommend appropriate treatment and accessories and provide personalised expert care. Our local hearing aid store, audiologists ensure our patients receive best possible customer service, expert audiologist guidance and support specific to their hearing aids or accessories requirements.

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments:

Our hearing aid stores offer expert and comprehensive hearing tests and assessments performed by audiologists. Our tests and assessments involve a number of tests that check the type and severity of hearing loss. Our tests identify potential causes of the problem and assess your overall hearing health.  Our audiologists use clinical expertise to read test results accurately and provide an accurate diagnosis. Our audiologists then create suitable treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique requirements.

Customised Hearing Aid Solutions:

Hearing loss is a complex condition, and patients do not experience hearing loss in the same way.  Our local hearing aid stores run by our expert team of audiologists offer bespoke hearing aids and hearing aids accessories to address the different needs and preferences of each patient. We evaluate all factors such as the type of hearing loss, the patient’s lifestyle, the patient’s communication needs, and budget constraints to ensure we recommend the best possible hearing aids and hearing aid accessories. We ensure our patients receive equipment that provides optimal hearing improvement and enhances the quality of our patient’s lives.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming:

Expert fitting and programming of hearing aids is crucial for best possible performance and lifespan of the equipment. Our local hearing aid stores provide professional audiologist advice in the selection, fitting, and programming of every patient’s hearing aids to ensure best possible results. We utilise expert knowledge of hearing aid technology, acoustics, and our patient feedback to optimise fine-tuning adjustments and sound quality and comfort. We try to educate patients on how to use, clean and maintain their hearing devices, helping each patient get the most out of their hearing aids and accessories.

Follow-up Care and Hearing Aids Support:

Our local hearing aid stores offer ongoing care and support to our patients. This gives total peace of mind and is essential for hearing rehabilitation. Our audiologists help patients in adjusting to their new hearing aids and accessories, addressing any issues or concerns they may have. We conduct regular check-ups, which permits us to monitor progress and to make any necessary adjustments. Our personalised services, care and support contribute to long-term satisfaction and better hearing health.

Continuity of Care:

By being local, our hearing aid stores foster a sense of community. Our patients and audiologists build relationships which permits us to become familiar with their individual hearing requirements. Our local presence facilitates better access to professional services, making it easier for patients to seek help and assistance whenever necessary.

In short, our local hearing aid stores run by audiologists are vital because we provide expertise, assessments, bespoke solutions, professional fitting and programming, expert follow-up care, and continuity of care. Our clinics ensure patients with hearing loss receive the expert help and services they deserve, helping them regain hearing health, improve communication with friends and family, and improve their quality of life. Contact us today for a no-obligation chat.

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